Porchfest Phenomenon

Porchfest Phenomenon

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Porchfest Salt Lake

The Porchfest Phenomenon

“Porchfest is an annual outdoor music festival in which bands and musicians perform on neighborhood porches. It can be your own porch, if you happen to live in the neighborhood, or you can borrow a friend’s. Since its inception, Porchfest, the idea, has spread nationwide and Porchfest events now happen in more than 57 neighborhoods including the Larchmere neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio; Somerville, Massachusetts; Belleville, Ontario (Canada); Napa, California; Westhaven, Tennasee; Boulder, Colorado; Quincy, Florida to name a few.

Porchfest is unique for other reasons.

For one, people come to the event solely for the music. Porchfest isn’t a money-driven event, so nobody profits from your participation. As a matter of fact, it’s 100% free, with such promising values and a heartfelt message at its core.

The seed for Ithaca Porchfest was planted when Gretchen Hildreth and her family were strolling through their neighborhood one evening and happened to pass by Lesley Greene’s house. Greene and her husband Robert were playing ukuleles outside on the front steps. “Robert and Lesley were just winging it,” recalls Hildreth. “I love hearing musicians practice on their porch—just the free flowing nature of playing without a set list. This modus operandi, which seems to be employed by most organizers, is one of the greatest aspects of Porchfest

Greene continues, “After that night, when we would see each other, we’d always say, ‘What about that Porchfest idea, we really should do that.’” And so they did. In addition to having a lot of homes with porches, Fall Creek boasts a high concentration of musicians. “We have it easy living here—the festival kind of creates itself,” admits Hildreth. “If you throw a rock from just about anywhere in the neighborhood, chances are it will land on a musician’s house.” It’s no secret that Ithaca Porchfest was probably the first, and that it has inspired the ensuing festivals that continue to crop up around the country.

Excerpts  from “Porchfest: Celebrating the Spirit of Community Through Music” By Freddy Villano (Italics added.)

And so it began…. our inaugural year of Porchfest Salt Lake in 2012

East Central Community, home of Porchfest Salt Lake

A big thanks to all musicians, attendees, porch hosts, and event organizers for making the first annual Porchfest such a WONDERFUL success!! We are eagerly looking forward to next year where we will continue this great neighborhood tradition of local music, this time adding a touch of local art.

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