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The Salt Lake Community Network is a Utah non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to benefit the greater community by promoting understanding, cooperation and mutual appreciation among Salt Lake City’s Community Organizations such as the ECC. The SLCN is a forum to enhance communication, identify significant issues effecting multiple community organizations, to coordinate education, discussion and action on those issues; a forum for the development, sharing and appreciation of common or divergent goals, policies and procedures of community organizations; and a forum in which expertise in various organizations may be pooled to result in the betterment of the greater community of Salt Lake City.

The SLCN mission is also to promote and support the interests of Community Organizations by providing an additional recognized access and input point to governments and other entities, recommending policies and actions developed through shared expertise; and decreasing reaction time through shared information.

SLCN HOT TOPICS (polled of community organizations, last updated March 2012):


1. Foster amicable neighbor-to-neighbor discussions in the planning and building process.

i.e. Neighborhood notification, Recognition ordinance, Accella.
2. City Infrastucture – what is the City’s plan to adequately fund the ability to maintain its infrastructure long-term,

and work with independent suppliers of services including recycling, public utilities, and waste management.
3. Quality of Life issues – zoning, land use, walkable, sustainable neighborhoods, traffic/transportation, crime.
4. Neighborhood Level Parking and enforcement.
5. Protect Local Businesses – zoning, fees, enforcement, etc..
6. Active Neighborhood Protection – enforcement, public health, absentee landlors, crime.
7. Salt Lake City Budget – ties in with item 2 and other concerns such as urban forest, license fees, parking fees.
8. Open Space Acquisition and Preservation.

Click HERE to see the full discussion of these top concerns of community councils as collated by the SLCN Policy and Issues Committee.

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