ECC Goals

ECC Goals

Written by East Central Chair

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ECC Top Goals  2012-13

  • Organizational Stability/Bylaws, Standing Rules & Process
  • Financial Stability/Loan/Fund Raiser
  • Communication Project/Image/Outreach/Web/Signs/Newsletter/Google Project
  • Beautification/Forest Project/Grant/ECC Historical Walking Trail
  • Health and Safety/Crime reduction/Oil Clean up
  • Neighborhood Protection/Property Value/Expansion Historic /Mitigation/Business Zoning
  • Transportation Planning/Impacts/UU/Streetcars/Bus/Bike/Pedestrian Safety/Transit Zoning
  • Land Use Policy All/Unit Legalizations/ADU /Good Landlord
  • Emergency Preparation/Organization/Baseline/Centers
  • Service Board

Esther is a Chair of the East Central Community Council.

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