Porchfest Salt Lake  – Experience the Magic!

Porchfest Salt Lake – Experience the Magic!


Perhaps  on a warm summer evening, you’ve sat on your porch and heard a neighbor strumming on a guitar  just down the block?

Porchfest Salt Lake takes this idea and multiplies it.

Porchfest Salt Lake  is a volunteer organized,  free,  family oriented community event with the celebration of music, art and the love of neighborhood at its core.  Musician performed on front porches to an audience that moved from house to house.

Our local porchfest is inspired by the original Porchfest event held for the last seven years in Ithaca, New York.

In 2012 what started as one or two  guitars strumming  became 17 musical acts spread across 12 different porches in East Central Community.

Within a half hour, an audience of one became 700. As you looked around you saw happy people walking around the University Gardens Neighborhood, talking to and meeting neighbors. All of the talent  was home grown — which gave it a special appeal.

By 2013 71 musical acts filled 61 porches.

Now in it’s 4th year Porchfest Salt Lake hosts delicious local talent from 71 acts on 35 porches, an evening concert, shopping, delicious food, prizes with a raffle drawing, artisan booths,   a beer garden, PFSL Farmers market, dancing and a children’s art corral and yoga on the islands.

There are now more than 32 porch fests across North America.

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Porchfest Salt Lake – who has written posts on East Central Community Council.

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