Salt Lake Community Network – Top Ten Listing

Salt Lake Community Network – Top Ten Listing

Written by East Central Chair

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SLCN Policy & Issues Committee
SLCN is a non-profit 501c3 service organization for the betterment of the Salt Lake City community (residents, local business, neighborhoods, institutions, etc.) with an emphasis on promoting cooperation, understanding and mutual appreciation among Salt Lake’s Community Organizations. SLCN has several standing committees, one of which is the Policy & Issues Committee. The mission and purpose of the SLCN P&I Committee is: 1) to bring forward interesting, informative issues and potential solutions, 2) Identify problems, concerns, and significant issues affecting multiple CO’s, 3) Raise awareness to issues that face individual CO’s, 4) Coordinate education and action on those issues in a positive and constructive manner. One of the ways the P & I fulfills its purpose is to operate as a type of think tank toward constructive solutions.
Background and Birth of the Top Ten Priority List
When first formed, the SLCN Policy & Issues Committee was asked to meet with each member Community Organization in order to gather what mattered most to each geographically organized or special interest CO. The intent was to better understand and therefore focus SLCN service work on the needs of the community as a whole. With better understanding, core resources could be applied in a more efficient way across areas such as training, meeting topics/speakers, topic specific CO education, topic specific think tanks, organizational outreach, etc. so that P & I could add value, strengthen communication and help solve problems.
The resulting report was completed and distributed on August 15, 2009 (available upon request).
It was noted that in the full report, there were many topics unique to each particular organization, but also what became immediately obvious was the important and consistent themes that ran across most organizations. Requests for this type of information began to pour in.
As it turned out, this compilation of information was not only useful to SLCN but to many additional organizations, city representatives, departments and other non-profits.
Top Ten Priority List Process
Currently, the SLCN P & I Committee continues to conduct monthly polls with the chairs of each member CO (25).
The chair, or spokesperson of each non-profit, in turn polls and identifies the topics of most interest and importance to their members.
Top Ten Priority List Distribution
The top ten priority list is distributed to its membership and committees as well as any additional group that finds this information helpful.
Common to the current list are topics within Salt Lake City Corporation. We value the leadership, expertise and effort of each organization and the many fine employees of each area especially in Salt Lake City Corp., but also in the state and federal agencies.
This listing of the SLCN top ten is intended as one useful tool in the important part we all play to make this a Great American City.
We know that resources are limited; the impacts of the economy are great; the problems associated with the influx of population on a daily basis are staggering and the legacy of our own personal actions and the general policies of the past, all play a role. This listing is a tool for consideration.
Most important, SLCN is an organization dedicated to being a constructive resource towards good solutions.
Please send your comments, questions or requests to be added to the distribution list to

Click here for the current SLCN Top Ten Listing: SLCN Top Ten April 2013

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