Ten Tips for Walkers

Ten Tips for Walkers

Written by East Central

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1: Fancy footwear
Wear sensible shoes – something comfortable and supportive. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion. After all, Nancy Sinatra recommends boots made for walking.
2: Dress your best
Dress your best for the weather that is. All walks go rain or shine. It’s easy to stay warm and dry if you layer up and bring an umbrella if it looks like rain.
3: Plan ahead
Plan you Jane Jacobs Walk itinerary ahead of time. Confirm the dates and times your tours are offered on the website just to make sure you’ve got the right information. Leave enough time to get between tours if you’re participating in more than one.
4: Q & A
Ask questions – offer insights. Jane Jacobs Walk community tours work best when the tour has a friendly, conversational feel. Introduce yourself to fellow walkers, volunteers and guides. Be curios and take advantage of this opportunity to get to know our city.
5: Explore places you know
Consider attending walks in neighborhoods you already know and even live or work in, to deepen your appreciation and networks in the area.

6: Explore places you don’t know
Cultivate your curiosity – venture farther afield and find out what is wonderful about neighborhoods you’ve only heard about in the media or didn’t even know existed. Be adventurous.
7: Experience everything
Take lots of pictures, savor the sights and sounds. Stop in a café, or pub or restaurant and linger. Develop your own impression of an area and share it with others and send us a note with your feedback and ideas.
8: Get in close
In order to hear the tour guides and speakers, stand close. Remember to leave enough room on the sidewalk for people to pass by and make sure to the cross at the corners.
9: Stay connected
Sign up for the Jane Jacobs Walk e-newsletter, send us your feedback and thoughts on the event and consider supporting this work with a tax-deductible charitable donation.
10: Give thanks
Be sure to thank the hosts and volunteers for giving their time to this thrilling insider’s guide to local communities


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