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Unit Legalization

September 1, 2013 is the deadline for owners of mother-in-law apartments that are not recognized by the City to apply for the Unit Legalization process. After this date, applications for legalization will no longer be accepted by the City. For excess dwelling units within single family zoning districts failure to legalize the units may mean future problems with financing, sale or replacement of dwelling units lost to fire or other causes.

 Excessive dwelling units are extra units in a building where people live, that are not identified in the Salt Lake City permit records. They range from mother-in-law apartments within a single-family-home structure, or to multiple apartments in a residential building. Legalizing these dwellings ensure they meet the City’s safety and health standards.

In order for these dwellings to be legalized,

  • Owners need to have documents proving that the extra unit existed before April 12, 1995.
  • The extra unit needs to have been used as a separate living space since April 12, 1995, and not have a history of many zoning violations on the property under the current owner.
  • The property needs to meet the parking requirements, or be within one quarter of a mile from a bus or transit stop.
To find out if your extra property units are already legally recognized, e-mail or call 801-535-6060 with the name of the owner, the address, total number of units in the structure, total number of buildings in which the units are in, and the contact information for the owner or representative.

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