100 or 200 South to connect downtown Salt Lake to the U?

100 or 200 South to connect downtown Salt Lake to the U?

The Salt Lake City Transportation is conducting an alternatives analysis to determine, among other things, the best route to connect downtown to the U.
See the map here: EastWestCandidateStreets300S090313
Let your voice be heard by posting on Open City Hall http://www.slcgov.com/opencityhall
or contacting the Salt Lake City Transportation Division Julianne Sabula at 801535-6678 or by email at julianne.sabula@slcgov.com.

Here is the information from the City: The Salt Lake Transportation Division invites you to participate in the Downtown Streetcar Alternatives Analysis.  From this site you have an opportunity to learn about streetcars and why they are being proposed in Salt Lake City. This study is a collaborative effort of the Salt Lake City Transportation Division, the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City, the Utah Transit Authority, the Federal Transit Administration and Wasatch Choice for 2040. This is the place for you to contribute to the Downtown Streetcar planning process.

  • Tell us about the places in Downtown Salt Lake City you feel need to be connected by streetcar.
  • Where do you feel a streetcar would add vibrancy and extend your walking experience?
  • What parts of Downtown do you feel are ready for development or redevelopment?

Help us make decisions about where a streetcar could make the biggest difference to Downtown residents, businesses, and visitors. Provide your insights on the purpose and goals of a streetcar in Downtown.

The first posts seek input on the alternatives and draft purpose and need. We will continue to add posts to this site in order to keep you informed on the progress of the project and engage the public at key points along the way. Please take a moment to subscribe to the project so that you may stay up to date.

Discuss the Alternatives

Nole Walkingshaw said 19 days ago:


There are several candidate streets that support the draft purpose and need for a streetcar line Downtown.  The candidate streets are broken into three areas: East-West, North-South and Central Station. Candidate streets are being evaluated in each area and will come together to form a system.  We would like your input on candidate streets within each area.  Please take a moment to look through the area maps below and discuss your preferences in the post.

To view images of the three areas select on of the links below or view the online presentation discussing each area by clicking on the image to the left.

Candidate Streets: Central Station candidates 300 South500 West or 600 West other alignment options East-West and North-South

How will the candidate streets in downtown be evaluated and compared for streetcar?

The following are a list of draft goals and objectives that maybe used in the comparison.

  1. Improve Downtown Transit Service
    • Measured by:
      • Will it increase transit ridership in downtown?
      • Does it expand the portion of downtown that is served by transit?
  2. Downtown Connectivity
    • Measured by:
      • Will it connect to key destinations?
      • Does it provide good connections to bus, TRAX and FrontRunner?
      • Can it be used to improve pedestrian circulation within downtown?
      • Is it legible and easy to understand?
  3. Place-Making and Economic Development
    • Measured by:
      • Will it support revitalizing downtown neighborhoods?
      • Does it support development of underutilized properties?
      • Will ongoing development efforts be enhanced?
      • Is it consistent with local and neighborhood plans?
  4. Funding Feasibility and Cost-Effectiveness
    • Measured by:
      • Will it be competitive for federal funding opportunities?
      • Are the capital and operating costs within a reasonable range?
  5. Optimize Design, Constructability and Operations
    • Measured by:
      • Does it avoid major obstacles and street conflicts?
      • Will the street grades be within acceptable limits?
      • Does it avoid major traffic conflict points?
      • Will it fit with long-range plans for TRAX and other transit?

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