November 13th, The SLC Planning Commission will review two set back exception requests for the Eco Loft Apartments 440 South 900 East

November 13th, The SLC Planning Commission will review two set back exception requests for the Eco Loft Apartments 440 South 900 East

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In the city’s new TSA (Transit Station Area) zoning district, the front setback for this property would stipulate that at least 50% of the front building wall be within 5 feet of the front property line.  The proposed setback is 28 feet for the entire front wall.  An easement for the Salt Lake/Jordan canal (piped underground) runs through this property diagonally.  The proposal seeks to put in underground parking and move the canal pipe up near the sidewalk and use the front yard area as patio/public plaza with landscaping.  To move the canal pipe up near the front of the property would require pushing the building further into the lot. This relocation would also affect the rear yard setback.  The requirement is 25 feet wide rear yard area; the proposal is 10 feet.

The Salt Lake City Planning Commission has scheduled a public hearing to gather your input about this request.

In Room 326 of the City & County Building
451 South State Street
Wednesday, November 13, 2013, at 5:30 p.m.

Public Hearings:

1. Eco Lofts Apartments at approximately 440 South 900 East – Jeff Lonardo of Method-Studio Architects, representing Salt Lake City Housing Authority, requests approval from the city to develop a mixed use (retail / residential) 74-unit apartment project located at the above address. The proposed building would be located further from the street than is required. Currently the land is occupied by the vacant old Kiwanis Club community center building, and the property is zoned TSA-UN-C (Transit Station Area Urban Neighborhood Core). This type of project must be reviewed as a Planned Development. The subject property is within Council District 4 represented by Luke Garrott. (Staff contact: Casey Stewart at (801) 535-6260 or Case number PLNSUB2013-00528).

Eco Lofts

Please click on the following link to see all of the  project  renderings. elevation, floor plans,

and the  site plan for this project:  9th East Lofts Presentation (1)

You will notice that this building is one floor higher than this zone typically allows. This is due to the high score (190) this project has achieved by following the transit design and development guidelines for this area. If you would like to know more about these guidelines you can click here: Design and Development Guidelines Modified by City Council 9_18_12

Also the Housing Authority and Jeff are very interested in your design ideas, opinion about the building materials and any general feedback that you have about the project. You can email your comments to where it will be added to a summary letter from the ECC for this project.

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