How Our Community Garden Works

How Our Community Garden Works

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We Garden Organically

Our goal is to create and nurture healthy soil and environment. Chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers are not allowed. Certified organic seeds and seedlings are encouraged, but not required. Please read the Organic Standards for more information on organic restrictions and recommendations.

Water Use and Drip Irrigation

The automatic drip irrigation systems is generally on from May-October, weather permitting. Alterations to the drip system must be approved by the garden coordinator. Each gardener is responsible to know how the system works and how to make light repairs on their plot.


Plot Maintenance

You must control the weeds and trash in your own plot and adjacent pathways during the season. All weeds must be removed.You must harvest your ripe produce regularly to reduce garden pests and vandalism. You must maintain your plot in a safe condition, including exposed rebar ends capped, pathways clear of tripping hazards.
Please keep the drip tape in your plot straight, without any kinks, and connected to the main water line.
Perennial plantings or permanent improvements are not allowed without the permission of the garden coordinator.
Plots must be cleared of debris and trellising, and covered completely in mulch and/or cover crop unless approved and prearranged. Trellising that is too large to transport off site may be stored on the plot in a tidy fashion. Drip tape must be laid out straight in the bed.
Garbage and recycle bins are located south of the garden fence.

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Community Behavior and Non-Discrimination

Disrespectful or abusive language, harassment, discrimination, illegal activities, activities that endanger or threaten others,

or destructive behavior (including vandalism and theft) may result in the immediate loss of all gardening privileges, indefinitely, and forfeiture of crops/fees.

Gardeners and sponsored guest are required to uphold this nondiscrimination policy. The UNC shall not discriminate

on the basis of race, creed, color, national, or ethnic origin, religious, marital status, age, sex, sexual orientation,
or disability in its garden membership, garden events, and the administration of garden programs.
UNC staff is available to mediate conflict between gardeners as needed.


Our community garden is a shared space –a commons. Gardeners not only tend their own plots, but also collaborate with each other to take an active role in all levels of garden development and ongoing maintenance. By contributing their volunteer time toward the needs of the whole.

There are certain key responsibilities that need to be delegated to individuals for the garden to be effectively managed. These are the overseen and supported by the Neighborhood Community Council Garden Coordinator
Any materials left in common areas of the garden for an extended time, without written arrangement may be assumed abandoned and will be disposed of at the Neighborhood Councils  discretion. The UNC is not liable for lost or stolen items of gardeners or visitors to the garden Please alert the Salt Lake City Police to any safety issues or illegal activities that you observe at the garden.



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