Our Garden Policies

Our Garden Policies

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Various rules and policies have been established to manage this garden space. All policies and rules have been established to protect and secure the safety of all.

If you are interested in joining our garden we highly suggest you first read about the garden policies and rules to make sure this garden is right for you.

This garden is established for members of the neighborhood in the East Central Community Council.

Applications must be received by February 1st. Assignments will be made in order of a complete application (including garden fees) no later than March 15th. Plot assignment is annual for members of the neighborhood and the ECC.
Plots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and limited to one plot per household. Assignment is as follows: UNC resident, ECC resident, UNC business, ECC business, Salt Lake City resident, other.
New gardeners must attend an in garden orientation and plot assignment before beginning to garden. A garden plot fee is required. No refunds are issued for plot fees after April 15th. The Fall clean-up deadline is November 1st.


You may over winter plants if you are eligible for renewal. You may reapply for the same plot next year if you fulfill all of your gardener requirements and. Renewal forms are sent to eligible gardeners in November. The renewal application deadline for 2016 is  December 15th 2015. Garden fees are subject to change.
Proxy gardening or subletting of plots is not permitted.
Garden maintenance is the collective responsibility of all gardeners, and requires your volunteer commitment. In addition to tending your own plot, you are expected to contribute at least 6 hours per season to tend common areas or participate in special projects that benefit the garden as a whole.
Any proxy that you designate must sign in for you at the meeting, and represent you in any votes or decisions made at the meeting. An signed end user agreement is required.


Report any unlawful activity in or near the garden to the Salt Lake Police.
All gardeners are required to be signed up to the garden’s email list-serv, which is used for official
notifications and garden-related discussions.
The ECC Executive Board oversees all administrative and financial aspects of the garden, and makes all final garden management decisions. Gardener input and participation in decision-making, for decisions such as
garden layout, projects, and garden fund are welcome.
Common group decisions are made through the garden’s email list-serv.


Garden hours are from sunrise to sunset.

The 300 South gate is to remain closed with no fence hopping. It is the responsibility of each gardener to ensure that all locks for water and the main gate are in place if they are the last one out.

The garden maintains a NO SMOKING, NO PET policy.

All guests or family must be registered via the garden email system before they enter the garden. Registration is simple. Send an email to the group email address listing dates and names. Working in the garden requires an end user agreement.

All special events, or family gatherings must be first approved by the Garden Coordinator.

You must clear your plot/surrounding area of weeds by May 1, and plant your garden from end-to-end by June 1st.

Monthly review of plots is conducted between the 14th and 20th of each month.

Garbage is disposed in the trash receptacles to the south of the garden.

Violating garden policies may result in loss of garden privileges and forfeiture of crops. Your plot fee will not be returned. The ECC Executive Board reserves the right to make changes or exceptions to these policies at any time.





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