Gems in the Garden Walk – 2015

Gems in the Garden Walk – 2015

Written by East Central

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Come walk with us!

Annual ECC Gems in the Garden Walk this year through Bryant Park Neighborhood.
When: This Sunday night 7-8:30 pm
Meet at 847 East 200 South

Gems Host: Melinda Mains

Come join us for our annual ECC Gems in the Garden walk for 2015. This year will be a quiet Summer evening walk in the lovely Bryant Park Neighborhood. We will walk, meet our neighbors and simply enjoy this Salt Lake City neighborhood.

This being one of the more transitional neighborhoods, we will see the care that has been taken by some to make their spaces a pleasant place to live.

Did you know that there used to be a post office on 800 E.? We even have a devoted care taker to the pigeon colony living on 200 So. Come see one man’s garden of blooming poppies that bring so much pleasure to the eyes. DSCN4848

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