City Contact List by Topic

City Contact List by Topic

Written by East Central Chair

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Salt Lake City Government is committed to being accessible to people with disabilities. Questions or complaints about city accessibility can be addressed by the city’s ADA Coordinator . For information on other accessibility issues, contact the Access Utah Network.

SLC ADA Coordinator—Mayor’s Office: (801) 535-7976 (TTY Relay: 711);
Other ADA issues—Access Utah Network: (801) 533-4636 (TTY Relay: 711);

Once each year; look for notice in the mail; schedule varies each year; place on the street (not park strip) no earlier than 5 days before scheduled pickup. Not accepted: any waste (recyclable, yard waste or regular trash) that will fit in the appropriate weekly container, construction material, hazardous waste, and electronics. Separate branches and woody waste.
Information—Sanitation: (801) 535-6999
Violations—Salt Lake Valley Health Department: (385) 468-3835

Vacant houses/buildings must be locked and secured. Some buildings require boarding and an annual fee.
Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225

This 3-day or 7-evening course teaches basic emergency response principles and techniques such as search and rescue, first aid, and team organization.
Salt Lake City Emergency Management:
(801) 799-3604

Call 911 for immediate assistance (emergencies). Call the police department for non-emergency response. Contact your district’s Community Intelligence Unit (CIU) detective to report crime problems in your community.
Police Department: (801) 799-3000 (non-emergency response and community detectives)

The Buzz Center is your “one-stop shop” for development and construction questions.
Visit the Buzz Center in room 215 of the City & County Building (451 South State Street) or call the Zoning Office: (801) 535-7752
Construction/permitting violations—Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225

Report suspected drug activity to the drug hotline.
Drug Hotline: (801) 799-DRUG (3784)

Must be kept upright and in good condition; cannot be over 4 feet in front yard, 6 feet in back; a permit is required to construct a fence (see “Development”).
Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225

Most restrictions are set by the State; the City may set additional restrictions.
Questions—State Fire Marshall: (801) 284-6350
Violations—Police Department: (801) 799-3000

Households limited to 2 sales, no more than 3 days in length, per calendar year; signs must be removed within 3 days of sale.
Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225

Out by 7am; may be out night before pickup; must be off the street by midnight on day of pickup.
Household (green bin) garbage cans—City Sanitation Customer Service: (801) 535-6999
Dumpster violations—call number on dumpster or Salt Lake Valley Health Department: (385) 468-3835

Must be cleaned immediately; call to report for cleanup; adopt a spot by covering graffiti with paint supplied by the City.
Off the Wall: (801) 972-7885

Do not throw paint, batteries, oil, cleaning supplies, chemicals, CFL and fluorescent tube light bulbs, or electronics in trash or include them with your annual cleanup. Tires can be taken to the landfill, limit of 4 tires at one time. Take hazardous waste and electronics to the hazardous waste office at the landfill or annual hazardous waste collections sites sponsored by:
Salt Lake Valley Health Department: (385) 468-3835
Landfill Household Hazardous Waste Facility: (801) 541-4078

No more than 3 unrelated adults (2 beyond one family) living together in a single housing unit; must have heat and water. House numbers are required, must be 3 inches tall and in a contrasting color.
Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225

The landfill (6030 West 1300 South) is available for excess materials (Monday-Saturday, 8am-4pm). It is illegal to dump waste on public property.
Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225

Yards are not to be used as storage areas for unlicensed vehicles, building materials, appliances or other items commonly known as junk.
Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225

Private property—Lights are not to shine or glare onto neighbor’s property.
Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225
Public property—Transportation Division:
(801) 535-7147 For Maintenance: 1-800-814-4311

Must keep in garbage cans; not permitted to blow into street or neighbors’ yards; do not sweep into street.
Environmental Health: (801) 313-6641
Civil Enforcement: (801) 535- 7225

No loud music 9pm to 7am (Sundays until 9am); no horn honking, racing engines, loud vehicles, noisy boisterous gatherings; no power equipment between 9pm and 7am.
Music and parties at night or on weekends—Police Department: (801) 799-3000
Construction or industry/business-related noise— Salt Lake Valley Health Department: (385) 468-3835
Special events/concerts on public property—Special Events Office: (801) 535-6110

Do not burn trash. For patio fireplaces or culinary purposes, fire must be less than 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall, 25 ft from structures or combustible material, constantly attended, with extinguishing equipment ready. Special burns such as pit roasting need to be cleared by the Fire Department.
Fire Prevention Bureau: (801) 799-4150; Emergencies: 911

Public Property—No parking on street for more than 48 hours without moving; cannot park within 5 feet of driveway, 20 feet of crosswalk, 30 feet of stop sign, over sidewalk, on parking strip; only 1 car per licensed driver per household on street.
Parking and Enforcement: (801) 535-6628
Private property—No parking on lawn; vehicles must be on a hard surface and be registered. Permit required for installation of new concrete (see “Development”).
Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225

Property owner or tenant responsible; no weeds; must be 33 percent vegetation; vegetation/landscaping not over 18 inches high and non-continuous specimen plants may be as tall as 36 inches high, 10 feet away from the ends of the strip and do not form a continuous hedge; tree planting and trimming must be cleared by Urban Forester.
Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225
Urban Forester: (801) 972-7818
Conservation: (801) 483-6860

Pests are attracted by water and food (pet food, fruit, garbage); bait/traps can be used for rats and mice; be cautious with use of poison; traps may be used for wild animals. Wildlife Services offers free pickup and disposal of trapped raccoons and skunks.
Wildlife Services: (801) 975-3315
Salt Lake Valley Health Department: (385) 468-3835

Dogs—No quantity limit. Must be licensed (fine for failure) with rabies vaccine. Cannot run loose, must be on leash. Owners must clean up feces weekly. Barking dogs are a nuisance.
Cats— No quantity limit. Must be licensed (fine for failure) with rabies vaccine. Residents may trap wild/nuisance cats. Feral cat colonies must be registered.
Animal Services: (801) 559-1100

Do not flush down toilets or drains. Drop-off locations at the SLC Police Stations at 1040 West 700 South or 315 East 200 South. More information at:

Residential recycling (blue bin) and yard waste (brown bin) services are provided as part of the city’s garbage service. For availability of city services to business and multi-family units, call (801) 535-6438. High rise, business, and multi-family recycling available through most waste haulers.
Residential Service—Streets and Sanitation Customer Service: (801) 535-6999
Business and multi-family units—Sustainability Office: (801) 535-6438

Report abandoned shopping carts to the hotline. Carts are usually picked up within 1 week.
Hotline: (801) 446-7984

Repair—Property owner responsible; assistance available through City; report cracks, root damage, raised sections.
Obstructions—Cannot block sidewalks with vehicles, storage, bushes, or trees.
Streets and obstructions: (801) 535-6934

Signs may not be placed on public property (parking strips, utility poles, etc.) without permission from City. Signs on private property are controlled by ordinance.
Information—Buzz Center: (801) 535-7700
Violations—Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225

Residents and businesses are responsible for removal of snow from entire sidewalk; enforcement begins 24 hours after snowfall; cannot shovel snow into street. Help clear crosswalks.
Sidewalk violations—Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225
Snow removal on streets—Streets & Sanitation Customer Service: (801) 535-6999

No auto fluids (oil and antifreeze) on ground or street. Standing water causes odor, bacteria growth, and breeds mosquitoes.
Salt Lake Valley Health De partment: (385) 468-3835

Requests for new signs/signals—Transportation: (801) 535-6630
Missing or damaged signs—Sign Shop: (801) 535-6992

Privately-owned—Trees that encroach or fall on a neighbor’s property are a civil matter between property owners.
City trees—Adjacent property owners are responsible for watering city trees in the park strip. Cannot plant, trim or remove city trees without permission. A planting program is available to request a tree. Call about broken limbs or dying trees.
Urban Forester: (801) 972-7818

Mobile food vendors are not allowed in residential areas. Cart and truck vendors must have a business license and food handlers permit and comply with city ordinance. Ice cream vendors need business license to be posted on the vehicle in 3-inch letters.
On public property—Property Management: (801) 535-7133
On private property—Permits: (801) 535-7700

Public Utilities Customer Service: (801) 483-6900
Public Utilities 24-hour emergency hotline: (801) 483-6700
Water conservation:

Lawn or any weeds over 6 inches constitutes a violation; enforcement normally done April through October.
Civil Enforcement: (801) 535-7225

Year-round curbside collection of yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, branches, Christmas trees, fruit and vegetable scraps), no additional charge for residents with City garbage service. Qualifying businesses and multi-family units are charged per container per month for weekly service.
Streets & Sanitation Customer Service: (801) 535-6999

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