Safe Passage for Pedestrians across Dangerous “Hot Spots” in the ECC

Safe Passage for Pedestrians across Dangerous “Hot Spots” in the ECC

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With the highest density in the City and seven arterial streets/ highways cutting through all of it’s neighborhoods,  the ECC launches a campaign to request more be done to provide safe passage for all pedestrians. See the summary of the ten year plan and what is left to be done here:

CIP 2013 Pedestrian Safety



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  1. Mark Bunce says:

    the street crossing at 900 East and 700 South needs pedestrian protection.
    This area contains a small business zone which includes the popular Trio, as well as an UTA bus stop for access to Judge Memorial . Crossing at this intersection has always been terrifying for pedestrian since the 900 South & 800 South traffic lights on 900 East are insync and people race north to the next stop light at 600 South or in the opposite directions. We need a ‘rapid flashing amber crossing light’ similar to the 3 which are on 100 South which has fewer pedestrians using them. This way drivers are aware people are crossing on 900 E 700 South.
    Does the ECC petition the city to install one of these? I contacted the city and they said it would cost 20K. Looking forward to hearing from ECC. Thank You

  2. Elisabeth Bennett says:

    Hi there!
    The crosswalks at 200 South and 1100 East are terrifying to cross (specifically crossing from the north to south directions of the intersection). Especially for all the Elementary children walking to and from school. I’ve nearly been hit countless times over the years. I’ve also watched folks get hit, while I’ve been sitting on my front porch.
    People are always speeding up, headed east on 200 south, to make it up the hill. As well as, flying down the hill, heading west bound. It’s a 4-way stop, but no one ever stops. They fly through, never looking for foot track.

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