Policy Statements of the ECC

Policy Statements of the ECC

Written by East Central Chair

Topics: Policies

  • The ECC is a safe, vibrant and beautiful community.
    The mission of ECC  is to preserve and enhance the quality of life within the neighborhood through citizen participation. The ECC  is an inclusive Community Council that represents the residents, land and building owners, renters, schools, parks, businesses, institutions, land owners, developers, utility providers, etc. that live, work and provide services in the area.

    The ECC supports:

     Residential quality of life
     Neighborhood business success and quality of work life
     Thoughtful land use planning through the policy statements of the master plans for the area and organic development
     Pedestrian safety/walk ability/maintained sidewalks and suitable lighting
     Sustainable energy development and utilization
     Mutual protection, service and safe environment
     Our urban forest
     Historic preservation and the protection of the existing diversity of adjacent land uses
     Maintained buildings, yards, gardens, buffers and landscaped parking areas
     Care and enhancement of parks, mini parks, islands and open space
     Adequate number of law/safety officers to meet the needs of the neighborhood
     Adequate number of City and County Civil enforcement officials
     Well thought out traffic control/planning and traffic calming measures
     Utilization of public transportation
     Green building practices
     Sustainability, preparedness, conservation and self sufficiency
     The environment
     Transparent, inclusive and collaborative public process
     Maintaining housing stock and options
     Neighborhood beautification
     Appropriate, well maintained and placed infrastructure including drainage systems.
     Long range thinking, planning and preparation

Esther is a Chair of the East Central Community Council.

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