Our main social connection is on Facebook. This is where we post day-to-day neighborhood tidbits, updates, information about our area and hot topics. To stay informed you can like or follow our page here:
ECC FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/EastCentralCommunityCouncil

This ECC web site is primarily a repository library of resource material and is not intended to provide day to day hot topics. An example of resource material is ECC READY found in the library under resources where we provide helpful tips for emergency preparedness.

From time to time we send out neighborhood emails when there is urgent neighborhood news; we publish our newsletter; there is an upcoming neighborhood meeting or we are conducting a neighborhood specific survey/vote on a proposed project or plan for our area.

You can be added to the email and newsletter distribution list by sending your name, address, cell to our email at: eastcentralcommunity@gmail.com.

Our neighborhood meetings are held quarterly at the McGillis School 6:30-8:30 p.m. McGillis is located at 668 South 1300 East. The dates for 2024 are:

February 8th, April 11th, August 8th and November 7th.

The meetings are also taped and posted on our YOUTUBE Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@eastcentralcommunitycounci364

In between the quarterly meetings our Executive Board and Committees meet monthly. We have a large number of topic specific interest groups and committees that focus on hot topics for our organization and neighborhood. Some are standing committees and others are convened for a set period of time. You can read more about some of the existing groups under the committee heading on this web site. If there is a topic area to which you would like to add your skill and focus please let us know. There is room for everyone and all are welcome.

We have been able to create two community gardens and one urban orchard on land that was slated for parking lots and parking structures. You can find more information about these sanctuaries and how to join here:

UNIVERSITY NEIGHBORHOOD GARDENS FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/universityneighborhoodgardens.

From time to time we host PORCHFEST SALT LAKE which is a neighborhood festival where porches become stages with the audience enjoying the many venues travels though out the neighborhood. When we held our last Porchfest Salt Lake we set 3 stages, enjoyed 72 musical acts on 35 porches, ate delicious food from 15 food trucks that all sold out, enjoyed fresh food and handmade goods from our local farmers market, had a University of Utah student sponsored beer garden, 13 art galleries set in lovely gardens by our resident artists, yoga on the islands and a children’s art workshop.

You can see a glimpse of Porchfest Salt Lake here: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PorchfestSaltLake

Our mailing address is sponsored in a historic brass mailbox by Trolley Square:


Please send any questions or comments to eastcentralcommunity@gmail.com.

East Central Community Council, home of Porchfest Salt Lake. Tag: East Central; Porchfest Salt Lake; Porchfestslc; Gems in the Garden; East Central Community presents;

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East Central Community Council, home of Porchfest Salt Lake. Tag: East Central; Porchfest Salt Lake; Porchfestslc; Gems in the Garden; East Central Community presents;

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