Welcome to East Central Community Council for Residents and Businesses!

Welcome to East Central Community Council for Residents and Businesses!

Written by East Central Chair

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

WELCOME to the  East Central Community Web page, a resource  to stay connected on the latest happenings for all those who live, work and visit our unique and vibrant community of residents and businesses.

There is no place like East Central!

Bordered by the University of Utah and the University Gardens Neighborhood Business District on the east, grand and historic South Temple on the north, the 9th and 9th Business District on the south and Trolley Square on the west, East Central is a completely self sufficient organically grown urban community for all. It is complete with four well kept, charming and historic neighborhoods that offer every type of housing opportunity, unique and well known local businesses, the best of schools, hospitals, clinics and utility providers. Our  population is diverse and interesting. The area offers a park like atmosphere with wide grassy islands, large park strips and neighborhood parks.  East Central  is nestled between the City and the University with the best  shopping, entertainment and education all within walking distance and of various transit options.

This website is a tool for you to stay informed and connected to the many events, activities and developments occurring in our community.

Questions, ideas and  posts are always welcome by sending an email to: east.central@live.com.

We hope you will find this resource useful, get involved, and visit us often!

With warm regards,

Esther Hunter, Chair –ECC

Esther is a Chair of the East Central Community Council.

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