Vision / Mission

Vision / Mission

Written by East Central Chair

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East Central Community

Salt Lake’s Organically Grown Urban Neighborhood

Known for it’s beauty, our community organized in 1926

as a non-profit organization, now  a 501 c-3, registered in the

State of Utah and is managed by its Executive Board of Directors.

East Central Community Council is the voice of its people and is entrusted

as the guardian of this vibrant geographic neighborhood.

The ECC acts to preserve, enhance and promote our quality of life.

We invite all  members of the community to invest in  projects, plans and activities

that sustain the land and the people of these historical neighborhoods.

East Central Community is a unique and vibrant place to live, work and visit.

 The 17 member Executive Board of Directors and Advisers upholds the ECC community values that enables civic, cultural, educational, social, philanthropic and community building opportunities. It seeks to  involve the community in identifying  plans, and projects that enhance the beauty, safety and vibrancy of the East Central  neighborhoods, businesses, and historical and natural resources.

The Council sponsors, supports, and provides a voice on such issues to governing bodies, public and private service agencies, the community at large as well as,  any other organization or individual that may directly affect the vitality of the East Central area and its members.

The objects, purposes, and scope of the the corporations shall be as follows:

1. To combat neighborhood and community wide deterioration and to promote activities which enhance and enrich the community.

2. To provide a forum and create a network of communication/information to discuss issues of mutual concern, establish working groups/committees to facilitate issue resolution, promote activities that enhance and enrich the community and make recommendations of matters affecting our neighborhoods.

3. To implement methods of community action that plan, upgrade and beautify the area as well as change incompatible land uses.

4. To receive, invest, and disburse funds and to hold property for ECC’s purposes and to receive gifts and contributions of real and personal property.

5. To preserve and improve the ECC as a residential area desirable for family living.

6. To interface with governmental, community leaders and the media in further the goals of the ECC.

7, To interface with neighborhood businesses, institutions, schools, hospital and business districts to promote success and quality of work life while at the same time working in harmony with neighborhood goals and quality residential living.

8. To do all of the aforesaid without contemplation of any pecuniary gain or profit to the members so that no part of the net earnings or property of any kind belonging to the corporation shall inure to the benefit of any member or individual.

The foregoing enumeration of specific purposes and objects shall not be held to limit or restrict the activities of ECC.

Esther is a Chair of the East Central Community Council.

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