Photos & Notes from Gems in the Garden Walk 2013

Photos & Notes from Gems in the Garden Walk 2013

Gems Walk

” I didn’t know this was here!”, was my favorite quote on this years neighborhood walk, Gems in the Garden. Second only to , “look at that…!”;  followed by the every amazing “Nice to meet you”.  Some of these comments were from neighbors who have lived in this area for dozens of years.


 This years walk featured the  University Gardens Neighborhood; the first of what we plan to be an annual exploration of a new area in one of our 4 neighborhoods. We have long wanted to have a sort of historic walking trail that featured interesting facts about East Central that also doubled as a sort of fitness walk getting us all out of our cars a bit more.

This full route is 2 miles, but you can jump in at any point and work up to the full length. If you missed this years walk, we took lots of pictures (below) and created a handy brochure so that all year long you can participate in a sort of self guided tour for yourself or your visitors as you take an hour or so to roam though the neighborhood  pointing out interesting tidbits.

The full brochure is located here:

inner page

gems 9

gems 8

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gems walk 1

gems 10

gems 14

gems 11 gems 12 gems 13 gems 16

gems 15

gems 55

gesm 43

gems 18

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gems 17

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